Christmas Celebrating During Covid

Handmade X-Mas
3 min readApr 8, 2021

2020 was no easy year, as everyone feels as though a year has been taken out of their lives, we should let that feeling continue for 2021. As Christmas is still months away, We definitely say celebrate it. Though it's still a good idea to keep yourself and those around you safe with a few simple things you can change this Christmas.

Make use of 21st Century Tech

The most important thing is to stay safe, and one of the best ways to do that this year is by ordering your items for this Christmas online. Gifts, Christmas cards, candies, and even your Christmas ornaments can be bought online. So why risk more retailers and suppliers grabbing and moving around these products that will soon be bought by you? Make it safer with Christmas invitations ordered online as well or you can buy online with E-cards. The less interaction the better.

Sharing how you're planning your Christmas ahead of time can keep friends and family prepared for all the major changes being done this holiday season. Use your E-cards or Christmas holiday cards to explain further the changes this season.

Who said Christmas can only be celebrated indoors?

If you have space why not use it? Christmas doesn’t have to always be inside the house, You can use this Covid Christmas as an excuse to decorate your back yard and go nuts with your artistry!

Just take a look at the weather reports and pick the warmest night this Christmas, hand out Thermal blankets to your guests if it’s too cold, sip your hot Coco, and prepare a fire pit nearby. Sounds exciting? We agree!

Just stick to regulations and stay safe with as much space as possible, and where do you get more space than your back yard?

Celebrate With The Closest People To You

It’s also not a bad idea to take time off of social gatherings and spend it instead of the closest people Parents, wife, husband, and kids. It could also be a good time to strengthen that family bond. Really ask them about how their lives are going. Enjoy a Christmas without any outside noise like social gatherings and other appearances. Spend quality time with the family and maybe a few close friends. After all, they are your favorite people in the world.

We wish you a Happy Christmas and a safe one as well!