Christmas Facts You Don't Know

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3 min readApr 6, 2021

Christmas is the season known for many things, such as the “mass on Christ’s day”, or the much older term “Weihnachten” which literally translates to hollow night. Regardless of religious beliefs Christmas has been in the recent few hundred years widely celebrated. All the while, people still remain unaware of a few minor details and knowledge of some of the Christmas traditions. We are here to shed some light on a few of the uncommon Christmas facts.

Throwing it way back with Evergreens and Wreaths

Believe it or not, Christmas garlands nowadays being celebrated has a significant ancestry trailing way back to Romans and ancient Egyptians. They used Evergreens to mark the winter solstice and promptly remind them that spring is on its way.

2. Christmas Trees are German-based

Prince Albert of Germany surprised his wife Queen victoria of England with a new tree filled with German-made glass-ornaments and ever since a popular drawing of the couple surfaced in the Illustrated London News in 1848. Check out Handmade X-Mas website to view how German Ornaments look like.

3. Coca-cola had a say in Santa's famous image

The famous fizzy drink company brought in an illustrator named Haddon Sundblom for magazine ads depicting Santa with the ever so well-known red and white colors in 1931. Before then, Santa seemed a little scary to kids or at least a lot less jolly.

4. Who was St. Nick?

As the original Santa, St. Nick was thought of only as the Gift giver wearing a red suit. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg as not only did he gift children gifts but also, saved women and gave away his wealth to the poor. Oh did we mention he was also a bishop in the 4th century? Truly a saint. Read more about him on our blog.

5. The Symbolism of Christmas Bells

Bells on Christmas trees were not just for show, they held massive symbolism. Bells were used as a means to announce the coming of the season and the birth of Jesus during Christmas. This tradition can be traced back to pagans, though used differently as bells were rung to drive evil spirits out.

6. The Astronaut prank that went too far…

A few days before Christmas in 1965. The two astronauts aboard the Gemini 6 sent a baffling report explaining seeing an “unidentified flying object” ready to enter Earth's atmosphere. They went on to explain how it was traveling the polar orbit. Then cut off the report with “Jingle Bells”, which were smuggled by Tom Stafford at the same time as Wally Schirra playing a small harmonica. Which has it all in the name as one of the best pranks in history and most dangerous…

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We wish you an early Merry Christmas!