How to Decorate a Reasonably Priced Christmas

Handmade X-Mas
3 min readApr 7, 2021

Christmas is yet to be upon us, or anywhere nearby. Still, it doesn't hurt to plan ahead. With a range and variety of ornaments available to us these days, how would one prepare for Christmas decorating and when would you prefer buying your Christmas Ornaments? Don’t let price tags scare your family into not enjoying an awesome Christmas decoration.

Sales done right

Well, preparations are best because as you know while made in China are cheap, the more exciting ornaments come with a heavy price tag come December. The best times to buy Ornaments for Christmas believe it or not is in between January and February as most Christmas stores want to make space and get rid of merchandise. Most stores won't admit this secret, but we disagree. Of course, not all shops do this but we can easily say more than most do, and we recommend taking advantage of it. Some of these deals are definitely better than black Friday deals so consider it an early black Friday, but only a Christmas black friday, not a literal black Friday sadly. Remember as we say at Handmade Christmas “Christmas already started” and we mean it. So buy your decorations early!

Size doesn’t matter

We seriously ask people to reconsider when deciding on the size of an ornament, since size doesn’t matter. Think about, the large baubles that you buy sometimes cost as much as 8 small ones depending on the shop, and sometimes more. 2 can half decorate a 5-foot tree of small ornaments, so why waste all that money to cover a few inches of space? Instead buy Icicles, Pinecones, or different styles of ornaments. Mix it up with the budget you have rather than pay it all onto one big ornament honestly, we don't even like large-sized baubles. Plus small ones are easier to hang anyway…

It's Christmas, not Cirque du Soleil

Too many times we see our neighbors putting up so many colors and weird variations of lights. The inside is more important than the outside so take care not to use up too much of your budgets on lights and decorations outside as family, friends, and neighbors we don't like will come into your home. A few nice designs that can go with your tree can be good table decorations. Since people actually spend more than ten minutes in your home, better to decorate inside than outside. Pick the lights with the best deals that match your Christmas ornament's colors and table decorations.

More home decorations

If you're looking for more decorations to do still, you can make a cheaply made scrabble. Just place on the board on the wall in the form of a tree and watch it add more fuel to the already awesome Christmas. Not just feel though it shows off your creativity for your friends and family to compliment you on. Plus let's admit it would definitely look cool too!

We hope some of these helped you out. If you want more tips email us, and show us some love!