Why Decorating Your Christmas Early Isn’t So Bad

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5 min readApr 12, 2021

Now we can all agree that 2020 wasn’t the best year for anyone, but that shouldn’t stop us from flipping 2021 around. If we roll up our sleeves and get to work early on can do that. One of the biggest reasons Handmade X-mas decided to write these articles is in the hopes to inspire people and lift up spirits for 2021. It’s been a bumpy ride so without further ado…

1. Christmas sales and budgeting

The first reason is simple yet widely overlooked and considered way too soon nonetheless buy your Christmas decorations early on. Don’t wait until October rolls around, to get the best prices because believe it or not the best prices are in January. That’s right Christmas Ornaments are much favorably priced then, that’s not to say all shops are the same but most agree with this strategy so, why not take advantage of it? Get yourself some top-quality ornaments and surprise your family with prices that your neighbors wouldn’t believe. Buying early on helps save on your budget and possibly getting more decorations!

2. DIY Christmas Ornaments

Start Preparing your Wreaths and candles early on possibly in October and any handmade decorations you’re looking to make as well. As the holidays roll in one after the other Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas than Easter, can be overwhelming to pay attention to all your decore details and getting everything right. So if you mix it up a little by either getting decorations that may match two holidays or more you can relax and not worry about missing the simple things. Plus why not be better prepared for the coming storm of holidays and invitations? A lot of people have mentioned before how much they love Christmas and decorating but end up waiting till the last minute to do so, and then cramming all the gift buying with the decorating as well as, the Christmas card invites. All these different factors blind into one not so merry Christmas, but if you want to think efficiency, and admirable performance in general? You’ll need ample time more than just starting mid-November. Take more time everyone loves Christmas, a study also shows that neighbors react friendlier to people who decorate earlier. Start decorating in October with a few Christmas glimpses of decore’s. Who knows maybe you’ll get Christmas bells or Pinecones at a good offer…

Starting the Christmas grind in early October gives you much more time also to prepare your do-it-yourself ornaments, and hands you ample time to go wild and get creative maybe in the process of making a new family Christmas tradition with DIY decorations. Maybe going the extra mile and buying Christmas table decorations as well! Then start decorating right after thanksgiving.

3. The Psychology of Decorating Early

A study in 2017, reported decorating Christmas early before the season starts have had a surprising impact on psychological behavior. As people start decorating and in the holiday season’s mood which helps them get into the holiday season excitement early and longer, making them happier. A Psychologist named Deborah Serani has already authenticated this study herself, adding that decorating in itself helps in uplifting your mood. Another known Psychoanalyst named Steve Mckeown has explained to Unilad. “In a world full of stress and anxiety, people like to associate to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood,” and then he continues further to explain how decorations are like anchors to old childhood magical emotions which are exciting. So generally speaking, science does very much so support the idea of early decorating.

4. Christmas Desserts

Enough with all the science, Christmas dessert is where it’s at now. When decorating early why not prep some nice baked goods like some holiday cookies, chocolate pie, or even Mocha Yule Log. Why wait all year and celebrate these tasty treats for just a week or two? All these nostalgic Christmas desserts are ready for your tummy, all you need to do is get into the Christmas spirit early and when we say early we mean right after thanksgiving! After that, you can enjoy some mouth-watering jolly desserts for a whole month.

5. More time…

In hindsight think of it this way, Christmas has always been a special holiday amongst holidays. Since, all the family has time to spend together and really ask each other about how school, work, or everyday lives have been. It’s the season your closest people come together, it’s traditions that we love reoccurring, it’s the warm cozy feeling of belonging just there, and not feeling the need to be anywhere else. What we mean is, wouldn’t you rather prolong this time you have for this special season with the best family and the best friends you have?

We have always been fans of giving tips where they need to be given and spread the joy, happiness, and laughter
of the best season. Christmas.

Handmade X-Mas here Just trying to spread some happiness here We wish you have a Merry Christmas!